Root Canals in Marble Falls & Pflugerville

One of the most dreaded terms in dentistry is "root canal." We understand that hearing a dentist say that you need a root canal can cause feelings of fear for many people, but root canals are nothing to be afraid of! Advances in root canal technology and the gentle hands of your Pflugerville or Marble Falls dentist will show you that today's root canal treatment is a procedure that can be completed simply and comfortably. 

Despite the negative connotations associated with root canals, they are actually a very good treatment option to save the tooth and relieve pain caused by cavities and bacteria. The process is performed gently, and most people report that having a root canal is no more uncomfortable than getting a filling.

Root Canal Marble Falls Tx

Why Should I Get a Root Canal?

Many of us are familiar with the process of having a cavity filled, but sometimes the decay is allowed to penetrate deeper into your tooth. Once bacteria has made it past the hard tooth enamel and reached the soft pulp center of your tooth that surrounds the nerves, an extremely painful condition known as an abscess can take place.

Abscesses usually require a root canal to treat them. Your tooth will be saved by having the damaged areas gently removed and then sealed to protect the area from bacteria. Unfortunately, in most cases, if the affected tooth is not treated with a root canal, it is highly likely that it will be eventually be lost. 

What Can I Expect During My Root Canal?

The length of your root canal procedure can be affected by many factors, including the location of the tooth, the extent of decay, and the shape of your root canals. If you are nervous or anxious about your root canal treatment, let us know! Your team at Bright Smiles Family Dentistry will have options available to help keep you relaxed and comfortable during your root canal procedure. 

Once the area is properly numbed, your  Marble Falls or Pflugerville dentist will remove the decayed parts of the tooth and gently and thoroughly clean the infected canals, removing the nerves and pulp.  Once the canals are disinfected and sealed, the tooth is then prepared for a restoration.

After a root canal, we usually recommend placement of a crown. Most root canals involve too much decay to properly restore with a filling. Dental Crowns also offer additional strength and stability to your tooth after a root canal, as teeth that have undergone this process can be left more brittle and prone to breakage. If a crown is necessary, we can often do the crown preparations during the same appointment as the root canal therapy.

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