Tooth Extractions in Pflugerville & Marble Falls

Whenever possible, your dentist at Bright Smiles Family Dentistry will give you options to save your natural tooth with the latest in dental technology. Sometimes, however, it is impossible for a tooth to be saved. When this is the case, removal of the affected tooth may be suggested as the best option. Fortunately, current dental technology allows a number of effective ways to replace a missing tooth.

Removal of a tooth is normally a fairly routine procedure. The location and shape of your tooth will both determine how extensive the process is. Your Pflugerville, or Marble Falls dentist will strive for careful removal of the tooth and provide options to help keep you comfortable and relaxed for the procedure. We have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and sedation options available for patients desiring a particular level of relaxation. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tooth Extractions Marble Falls TX

Wisdom teeth are a very common source of dental problems for many people. These teeth are often in a position that can be damaging to bite alignment or nearby teeth if they are allowed to come in without intervention. Proper timing of wisdom teeth removal can prevent damage to neighboring teeth, bone, gums, nerves, and blood vessels. 

Usually, the earlier our Pflugerville and Marble Falls dentists have a chance to evaluate the wisdom teeth and consider them for removal, the better. The teenage years are typically the best time to start evaluating wisdom teeth, as they have often not yet developed fully, and are normally easier to remove at this age. 

Some people never have problems with their wisdom teeth. In the worst cases, however, gum infections, jawbone cysts, and bone loss can all occur. Adults that have had all of their wisdom teeth in for years can still develop problems later in life, many simply because most people are unable to clean their wisdom teeth well enough due to their location. This is why we believe most people benefit from having wisdom teeth removed before they have an opportunity to create further dental problems in the future. 

In-House Oral Surgeon

Bright Smiles Family Dentistry has skilled providers who are able to perform these procedures comfortably and safely. We also have a specialist oral surgeon on staff. This may allow you to have your teeth removed right here in our office without the inconvenience of being referred to a different provider or practice that you may not be as comfortable with. Our patients love the convenience and continuity of having all of their treatment completed under one roof. 

Call the Experts in Extractions

If you need to have your wisdom teeth removed or if you have any questions about our extraction procedures, contact our Marble Falls or Pflugerville dental office today.