Dental Cleanings in Pflugerville & Marble Falls

Ultrasonic Cleanings Pflugerville TXHow long has it been since you've had your teeth professionally cleaned? One of the simplest ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy is to have them cleaned on a regular basis. Your team at Bright Smiles Family Dentistry will perform a gentle cleaning that will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking their best.

Professional Dental Cleanings Using Sonic Technology

Most people know that your teeth and gums benefit from daily brushing and flossing, but there are many places that your toothbrush just can't reach. Over time, stains and plaque can build up on these hard-to-clean tooth surfaces no matter how often or well you brush. This build-up can develop into harder deposits known as tartar that cannot be removed with simple brushing and flossing alone. 

Your dental hygienist at our Pflugerville or Marble Falls dental office will perform a simple ultrasonic scaling procedure that will remove the harder tartar deposits and stains that are harbored under the gums. These treatments are quick and relatively painless but incredibly important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. 

Our practices are outfitted with ultrasonic cleaning systems. Ultrasonics clean your teeth by using high-frequency vibrations to safely and comfortably break up tartar build-up on your teeth while minimizing damage to the enamel. Utilizing these small ultrasonic instruments allows for a more comfortable, simple, and much more effective result compared to traditional dental cleaning techniques. 

Why It's Important to Keep Your Teeth Tartar Free

Tartar is unattractive, leaving ugly yellow stains on your teeth, but not removing tartar can create a whole host of dental issues beyond the obvious cosmetic problem. Tartar provides a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, right on the enamel of your teeth. The hardened tartar protects the bacteria from your brushing efforts, leading to tooth decay and cavities.

This bacteria can also cause gum disease. In the early stages, gum disease can be uncomfortable, causing inflamed gums and bleeding. This early stage is known as gingivitis. If gingivitis is left untreated, it can develop into periodontitis. This is a more advanced and serious form of gum disease, can lead to tooth loss, and may require surgical intervention to treat.

At Bright Smiles Family Dentistry, we strive to practice conservative dentistry. This means we would rather prevent a dental problem than treat it. By keeping your teeth clean through regular hygiene visits to our Marble Falls or Pflugerville dental office, you can help to prevent gingivitis, tooth decay, and recession of gums, keeping your smile healthy and happy and saving yourself time, money, and discomfort.

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