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Your Child's First Dental Visit

Childrens Dentistry Pflugerville TX

When it comes to dental health, it is just as important for your children to have regular dental visits as it is for you. Even though children will eventually lose their baby teeth, they are still prone to developing cavities and tooth decay. Yet, bringing your child to the dentist for the first time isn’t only scary for them, it can be scary for you as well. The dentists at Bright Smiles Family Dentistry have years of experience working with children and know how to make them feel comfortable and actually enjoy their dental visits.

Preparing Your Child for the Dentist

  • The younger the better – It is best to start your child’s dental visits by the age of one or by the time they get their first tooth. When you bring them in at an early age, it will make them feel more comfortable as they get older, make them more trusting of dentist, and teach them good oral hygiene habits.
  • Let the dentist explain – Dentists will know the best way to explain what is happening to children without scaring them. If you say the wrong thing, it could set a bad precedent and make your child more apprehensive during their visits.
  • Teach them good habits – When you teach your children how to brush as soon as they are able to, they will start to expect this to be a routine activity. So when your dentist does cleanings and exams, they will be more accepting.
  • They might be upset – It isn’t unusual, no matter how much preparation you do, that your child cries or fusses. Dental offices have a lot of strange tools and equipment that can make children fearful, but as long as you stay calm it should help them to calm down as well.
  • Don’t promise treats – It may be tempting to bribe your child into being good for the dentist, but telling them that they will get sweet treats for good behavior can set them off on the wrong foot. They will start to expect treats after every visit, which could be detrimental to their oral health.

Let Us Help

We understand that it can be difficult for you and your child when they start their dental visits, but taking them to an experienced dentist can make all the difference. If you live near our Marble Falls, TX office and would like to know more about children and family dentistry, please contact us today!