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Dentures or Implants: Which Is Right for You?

dental implants marble falls | dentures pflugerville

Walking into your favorite restaurant used to be something to look forward to. Now, however, you feel stressed and self-conscious as you scan the menu for something you can eat without embarrassing yourself. This is life with a missing tooth, and it's always on your mind.

Bright Smiles Family Dentistry has good news for you! There are options for replacing one or more missing teeth, and we can help you reclaim your confidence and your life.

Dental Implants

In Marble Falls and across the country, dental implants have become the gold standard for replacing one or more missing teeth because they restore both your root and your tooth. This not only restores your smile, it also protects the integrity of your oral health.

When your root is missing, your bone begins to dissolve, or resorb, since it no longer has anything to support. A dental implant replaces your root with a biocompatible titanium post that naturally integrates with your bone over time. The implant not only creates a foundation for your tooth, it also keeps your bone healthy and stimulated.

After the appropriate healing time for your implant has passed, our doctors will customize a porcelain crown that will attach to your implant with an abutment. Your new tooth offers all the function you had with your natural tooth, which means you'll be ordering whatever you want at your favorite restaurant again. Your implant crown is also esthetically appealing since we'll design it to match your existing teeth.


For patients who are missing a lot or most of their teeth, dentures are an excellent option. A denture is a removable appliance that's designed to replace an entire arch of teeth. Dentures utilize suction and a snug fit to stay in place, and they not only replace your teeth, they also restore the appearance of your facial structure, which can appear sunken with tooth loss. Our doctors will create a denture that complements your face and skin tone while also restoring your smile.

Dental implants can be used to support dental prosthetics such as a denture. We'll strategically place a few implants into your jawbone, which your denture will snap into. Implants offer a more secure fit for denture wearers so there's no movement or slippage when you talk or eat.

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