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What to Expect at a Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal in Marble Falls TX

If you found out that you need a root canal, you might be quite nervous at the prospect. It is no secret that the mere thought of a root canal is enough to send anxiety surging through even the calmest dental patients. The truth is, though, that root canals are not nearly as scary as people think, and in fact, they really aren’t painful at all. Chances are, the toothache that sent you to the dentist office where you got the treatment recommendation is far worse than the dental procedure.

Knowledge is power, so let’s make sure you know exactly what to expect if you find out that you need to have root canal treatment.

What to Expect With a Root Canal

Chances are, you first learned you needed a root canal because you had a toothache that wasn’t getting any better. What this usually means is that you have an infection of the root of the tooth. The root, which is made up of tissues, nerves, and blood vessels, can become injured or damaged—causing you a lot of pain. Also called the pulp of the tooth, this nerve network is located inside of a chamber, also called a canal.

What your dentist will first do during the root canal procedure is to drill into the tooth so he or she can removed the damaged or infected pulp, and then clean out the area where it is located. Your dentist will inject an antiseptic and antibiotic into the canal to make sure any remaining bacteria is destroyed. Once the canal is thoroughly cleaned, it will be sealed to ensure there is no spread of infection in the future. Because removing the pulp will weakens the tooth structure, a crown is usually placed on the tooth that is remaining. This will make the tooth strong again so it will function normally, and you will be able to chew again.

Root Canals Are Actually a Good Thing!

In the past, if the pulp of a tooth became so diseased or damaged, it usually meant you would have to have the tooth pulled. Root canals will not only save your tooth, but it will end you toothache pain!

If you have a toothache or think you might need a root canal in Marble Falls, contact Bright Smiles Family Dentistry!