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We Offer Ultrasonic Cleanings

Ultrasonic Cleaning Marble Falls TX

We all know it is important to brush and floss every day, but it is also important to see your dentist for regular cleanings. Even those with the most stringent oral care routine can’t remove all of the plaque build-up, but your dentist can get into those hard to reach area’s and give your mouth a more complete clean. Our Bright Smiles Family Dentistry office in Marble Falls, TX offers ultrasonic cleanings to their patients to help remove stubborn plaque and tarter before it can cause worse problems.

Importance of Oral Care

It is recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day to remove bacteria and food particles from your mouth. This will help keep your teeth strong and healthy. Though, without flossing you are only cleaning about two thirds of your teeth. Flossing in between teeth will help remove food and plaque from between your teeth and out of your gum line to reduce the risk of gum disease. If done daily, this routine will keep your teeth relatively clean, but sometimes it isn’t enough to completely stop cavities and gingivitis.

Ultrasonic Cleanings in Pflugerville, Marble Falls, and Leander TX

When plaque is left on your teeth for too long it can become calcified and turn into tartar and calculus. Once the bacteria has become calcified, it cannot be removed with brushing and flossing alone and can work its way into your teeth and gums. This is why regular cleanings are so important to maintaining your oral health. Yet, not all cleanings are created equally, which is why we offer the best in dental cleaning technology: ultrasonic cleanings.

With the use of a power driven scaler, your dentist will be able to remove tartar build up more effectively than with manual tools, especially in gum pockets where bacteria like to hide the most. They will also do less surface damage to your teeth than regular tools which is important when getting cleanings twice a year. Ultrasonic cleanings also take less time so you don’t have to spend several hours in the dental office for each cleaning.

A Cleaner Clean

Good oral hygiene habits are vital to keeping your mouth clean and healthy, but it is also ideal to see your dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and exams. Routine visits will help you avoid gum disease and tooth decay. If you live in Marble Falls, TX and would like more information about our cleaning procedures, please contact our office today!